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Types of Sleep

Babies have 2 types of sleep. Both types of sleep are important and healthy.

Light Sleep

Your baby needs light sleep for his brain to grow and develop. This is when your baby dreams. During light sleep your baby:

  • Moves around and makes noises.
  • Has eye twitches or opens and closes his eyes quickly.
  • Has fast and slow breathing.
  • Wakes up easily.

Deep Sleep

Your baby needs deep sleep for his brain to rest. During deep sleep your baby:

  • Doesn't move very much.
  • Has relaxed and floppy arms and legs.
  • Has regular steady breathing.
  • Makes sucking movements.
  • Doesn't wake up easily.

Newborns fall asleep dreaming in light sleep. Wait for signs of deep sleep before laying your baby down. This may take 20-30 minutes. It's normal for baby to fall into a light sleep while nursing and still need additional time to fall into deep sleep. Consider it extra snuggling time!

Sleep Patterns

Safe Sleep: Your baby needs your protection even when she's asleep.

Tips for Sleepy Parents


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