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Laid Back Position

Laid Back Position

Twin Laid Back Position

  • Recline back to about a 45 degree angle (as if she is sitting in a recliner chair).
  • Place baby chest-to-chest.
  • Allow baby to root, crawl and self-attach to breast.

Cradle Hold

Cradle Hold

Cross Cradle Hold

Twin Cradle Hold

Twin Cross Cradle Hold

  • Place a pillow in your lap.
  • Put your baby on his side, on the pillow, tummy-to-tummy with you.
  • Rest his head on your forearm with his nose in front of your nipple.
  • Tuck his lower arm under your breast.

Football Hold (most comfortable for women who have had a C-section)

Football Hold

Twin Football Hold

  • Place a pillow at your side.
  • Put your baby on the pillow with her legs tucked under your arm.
  • Slide your forearm under your baby’s back and support her head with your hand.

Lying Down (most comfortable for women who have had a difficult delivery or for night feeds)

Lying Down

  • Lie on your side with your knees bent. You may want to place pillows between your knees, under your head and neck, and behind your back.
  • Put your baby on his side, facing your nipple.
  • Place your other arm, a pillow or a rolled-up blanket behind your baby for support.

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