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Breastfeeding Support 24/7: 855-550-6667

Breastfeeding Support 24/7: 855-550-6667

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If you are using the laid back position, let your baby self–attach to your breast when he is ready. If you are using a different position, you will control the attachment more than your baby. Here are a few tips to achieve a deep latch:

1. Hold your baby so that his nose is lined up with your nipple.

2. His ear, shoulders and hips should be in a straight line.

3. Touch your baby’s upper lip with your nipple and wait for him to open his mouth wide, like a yawn.

4. Quickly bring your baby deep onto your breast. His chin should touch your breast, while still keeping a space between his nose and your breast to keep an open airway.

5. When he sucks you should feel a pull-tugging sensation, but no pain. If you feel pain or pinching, slide your finger into the corner of his mouth to break the suction and try again.

When to Reach Out

If you are unable to get comfortable, it’s time to get some help. Call 855-550-6667 for free breastfeeding help 24/7. Breastfeeding should not be painful.

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