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The Mom Team Presents

Here is helpful advice on the most important breastfeeding and newborn care topics.

If you experience problems viewing these presentations or would prefer the information in a different format please contact WICGeneral@hhs.texas.gov.

Preparing For Breastfeeding (3:48s)

Learn how to prepare for birth, including why you need to learn all you can about breastfeeding before you have your baby. Also, learn how to find health care providers who will support your decision to breastfeed.

How To Tell When Baby Is Hungry (2:00s)

Learn the feeding signs that tell you when your baby is hungry and when he is full.

What Happens in the First Hour After Birth? (3:11s)

Learn more about the first hour after birth—also known as the “sacred hour”—and the lasting health benefits of skin-to-skin time.

How To Room-in With Baby (3:09s)

Learn how to room-in with baby. Sharing a room with baby during your hospital stay is the new normal and has health benefits for babies and moms.

Colostrum to Full Milk Supply (1:56s)

In this video, Alisha and Candice, two moms from The Mom Team discuss what colostrum is, why it’s so important for your baby and helpful tips and tricks to make starting breastfeeding a little bit easier.

What To Expect On Baby's First Day (3:03s)

Learn about what to expect on baby's first day.

What To Expect On Baby's Second Day (1:51s)

Learn about what to expect on baby's second day. Your baby will probably want to eat very often on day 2, and that is normal.

Help—Is This Normal? (1:46s)

Learn more about understanding when there are situations beyond what is normal and how you can ask for help.

When To Call Your Doctor (1:52s)

Get advice on when it's right to call your doctor. It's always okay to ask for help.

The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding (1:04s)

Learn about the health benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby.

Breastmilk vs. Formula (3:26s)

Learn about the benefits of breastmilk compared to formula.

How Do Babies Sleep? (2:17s)

Learn about the two types of sleep that babies have.

How Do I Calm A Crying Baby? (1:44s)

All babies cry. Learn some great tips on how to help calm them.

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk? (3:04s)

Most moms make the perfect amount of milk for their babies. Learn more about milk transfer and making sure your baby is getting enough milk.

Am I Making Enough Milk? (1:56s)

Learn how to build a good milk supply by breastfeeding baby at the first signs of hunger.

Dads and Grandmas (2:28s)

Dads and grandmas can support moms to successfully breastfeed, even if no one else in the family has breastfed before.

Breastfeeding Myths (3:49s)

Learn about common breastfeeding myths. There is a lot of incorrect information out there about breastfeeding, and you need to have the real facts.

Preparing To Go Back To Work (2:24s)

Learn how to prepare to go back to work after having your baby. You can keep breastfeeding when you return to work, and it will keep baby healthier.

Bottle Feeding the Breastfed Baby (2:58s)

Angel and Amber from The Mom Team talk about the step you can take to bottle feed your breastfed baby.

Introducing Solid Foods (5:39s)

In this VLOG two moms talk about knowing when your baby is ready to start solid foods. Also, learn how to make your own baby food at home and tips to try with your baby when beginning solid foods.

Introducing Solid Foods 6 to 7 Months (4:44s)

After seeing the signs that your baby is ready for solid foods, learn with real moms from the Mom Team, Nayeli and Claire, about your baby’s first few bites and the next couple months of introducing solid foods into your baby's diet.

Introducing Solid Foods 8 to 12 Months (2:20s)

Real moms, Nayeli and Claire, talk about continuing to add new foods into your baby's diet. Learn about moving from pureed foods to mashed or textured food.

Safe Formula Prep (5:12s)

Real moms, Amber and Nguyen, from The Mom Team discuss how to safely mix your baby’s formula. Learn how to safely store and mix your baby’s formula. The moms discuss sterilizing bottles with or without a dishwasher and how they should correctly be stored.

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