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Breastfeeding Support 24/7: 855-550-6667

Breastfeeding Support 24/7: 855-550-6667

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Resources

Download the resources below to get breastfeeding off to a great start and to help your support team get prepared too!

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Your Guide to Breastfeeding

This booklet teaches you how to get off to the best start possible, how to get a good latch and set your milk supply, and how to know your baby is getting enough to eat.

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A Man's Guide to Breastfeeding Support

This booklet gives dad all the tools he needs to be a great support partner in meeting your breastfeeding goals. It includes the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your new baby, information on normal baby behaviors, and tips for how to do skin-to-skin time.

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A Grandmother’s Guide to Breastfeeding

This booklet gives grandmothers tips on how they can help support your breastfeeding goals. It also includes information on breastfeeding benefits for you and your baby and addresses common myths about breastfeeding.

WIC Food Packages

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WIC Food Packages for Moms and Infants

This brochure will cover the food packages available to moms and their babies in the first year.

Texas WIC Benefits for Breastfeeding Mothers


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